Explore the colorful dining space at Sam Son FLC

Sam Son is not only a beautiful tourist scenery but also a gastronomic paradise for food devotees.​

Deep-drawn, attractive cuisine
With the arrival of 4 million visitors in 2016, Sam Son, Thanh Hoa has become an attractive tourist destination in the North. Sam Son attract tourists not only by beautiful scenery, but also by the delicious dishes Thanh identity.
Speaking of Thanh Hoa, we can not fail to mention the famous specialties such as nem chua, shrimp rolls, rolls, salted fish, shrimp sauce, gong cake, Tho Xuan gourd cake ...
With a busy beach like Sam Son, it is not difficult to find places to sell these local dishes. However, dining venues can appeal to visitors for taste and visual perfection with international service standards that are not so much.
Tourists want a comfortable space, close to nature, have a special menu, Guam and fish market in the tourism community FLC Samson Beach & Golf Resort are two places not to be missed.
Three unique markets
Cho La Que is a combination of food stalls located on FLC Samson Beach & Golf Resort's east-west square. Cho Le street, which is famous for its first day of opening in April 2017, attracted more than 2,000 visitors.

Cho's homely, unique five-star resort
Inspired by the traditional stalls with leaves, bamboo leaves, homely market, but unique among the five-star resort. In Cho Guê, guests can roam, learn about 3 regions cuisine and choose a few favorite dishes for only 20,000 VND. It is difficult to find a market on the coast of Central Vietnam featuring typical cuisine of the regions of the country.
For those who love the coolness of the steak, the northern roll bakery is a great suggestion. Stuffed, fragrant, base for chopped meat, beef at home with sweet and sour sauce, you will want to try again.
For those who like to grill, Choa Que is a paradise. You will have to wonder between the grilled meat on pink charcoal marinated with dipping sauce, dots with spicy sauce; Fresh baked seafood greens onion.
Not only the main dishes, desserts here are equally good with the cup of tea Hue sweet coconut milk or bean cups in the west.

The food at Cho Guê offers three regional culinary colors
The chefs at Samson Beach & Golf Resort have their own selection of fresh, delicious ingredients to serve for this evening. So, visitors here not only feel more culinary culture of three regions but also satisfy the taste with unique recipes.
Coming to Que Qua, visitors will be able to relive the hustle and bustle of the old market. This is also where the family members get closer. What is more interesting than the whole family gathering at the table delicious food, talk, laugh and welcome every sea breeze.

Fish Fish restaurant where the harmony with heaven and earth
If Cho Que is a simple gift for those who love traditional culture, Fish Fish restaurant is a "place" of Asia - Europe cuisine in the heart of Sam Son FLC.

Fish Fish restaurant luxury but full of romance
Fish Fish restaurant is located on the biggest salt water swimming pool in Vietnam, accommodating more than 400 guests, designed with delicate and harmonious. The main color of the restaurant is green and ivory white make up the gentle, elegant. Lighting system combined with the ceiling floor window has helped the restaurant is always clear and light.
In order to increase the opening for space, Fish Fish uses large glass panels throughout the walls, making the boundary between heaven and earth are blurred, giving customers the feeling of sitting in the nature, far away. beach with green coconut grove.
Fish Fish is loved not only by the beautiful space but also by the charm of the delicious Eurasian cuisine. The dishes are prepared and presented in a creative way. Under the hands of talented 5 star chefs, more than 120 dishes at the Fish Fish buffet will satisfy the taste of the most fastidious.