List of unique resorts near Hanoi

Homestays and suburban resorts are always the perfect choice for those who want to find peace, have a relaxing moment with friends and family on the short weekend.

Accompanying the noisy city, smoke and dust, many families choose to spend the weekend at suburban resorts or provinces near Hanoi to relax, relieve fatigue, renew energy for work week new.
About 20 to 50 km from Hanoi, the places chosen by tourists are often in quiet countryside, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
Suburban Homestay
For those who love privacy, suburban homestay is the ideal choice. Hidden Villa and Jungle House are two of the most attractive suburban homestays, attracting many visitors.
Like the house of the vampire Edward Cullen, the Hidden Villa in Soc Son brings visitors to another world, hidden deep in the pine forest, separated from the crowded, noisy life out there.
Hidden Villa has a large area with 2 bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen and outdoor BBQ with a simple wooden furniture with colorful surroundings.

Hidden Villa is close to nature
A little more like a Hidden Villa, a house surrounded by lush vines, it was the first impression for those who came to the Jungle House in Bac Ninh. Like a deserted castle in the mountains, Jungle House is the ideal place for dreaming souls, love fairy color, fairy.
The Jungle House features Western-style architecture with spiral staircases, stone walls, arched windows, an indoor fireplace and a vintage lounge.
Royal life in the quiet village
FLC Luxury Resort Vinh Phuc, located about 40 km from Hanoi, is an ideal destination.
With a view of the large lake, the main building of Vinh Phuc FLC is like a magnificent castle with gilded gates, elaborate patterns, escalator inside with architecture and furniture in royal style. family. From the room, guests can direct their eyes to rice paddies, green corn fields or large rivers drifting far away.

The hotel is luxurious, royal
Nestled in the middle of the garden are white bungalows with a small entrance, romantic balcony is highlighted by colorful flowers. Bungalow in FLC Vinh Phuc is a harmonious intercourse, sophistication between the structure of 3 traditional houses with modern architecture and interior style Western Europe.
The morning is very quiet, no car noise, no smoke, only the cool wind from the lake blows in with steam. Guests mix a hot coffee, lightly wrapped thin shirt, sitting back lean on the small chair outside the balcony, watching the flower beds are still dew night, all troubles and fatigue will dissipate.

Bungalow in the middle of greenery
The quiet space was stirred slightly, melting gradually under the mist so that the sun gradually covered the tops. Somewhere there was laughter at the children's playground, the water jumping and the cheering of the large outdoor pool. A new day starts in the paradise of green.
The Vinh Phuc FLC is peaceful but not boring, and people who are active can stretch their muscles in the outdoor pool, indoor heated swimming pool or try out golf - aristocratic sport.
A 5-star spa with unique healing treatments such as the Himalayan ionic salts will please the discerning customer who wants to enjoy peace and quiet. The heat of the rock salt in the sauna helps to expand the pores, toxins out the body by natural way. Unique spa treatments not only help the body more healthy but also help the spirit of comfort, get rid of tired, late troubles.

Himalayan Acidic Rock Salt Room at Harmony Spa - Vinh Phuc FLC
For families with children, the FLC Eco Farm - a pretty little farmhouse is a great gift. In the green space, the children play with cute little animals such as puppies, chicks, hamsters or crunchy laugh in duck catching game. Small garden with pots, hoes, shovels, water jar ... is a paradise for children who love and want to try gardening. The family can grow trees together, pruning branches, watering flowers and have the opportunity to live together with beautiful nature.
For customers more opportunity to experience, FLC Vinh Phuc offers many attractive incentives for room rates and services for guests needing relaxation.